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One time we came across a piece of curved plywood while visiting a commercial cabinet manufacturer's business. The shape intrigued me, and I wanted to find a use for the curved shape. I cut the piece into smaller segments and came up with an idea for making trivets. My first fish design pieces were simple but functional, and sold quite quickly. Since I didn't have an economical source for curved plywood, I began looking for other curved wood shapes. Since we live in Washington, used wine barrels are readily available and provide a reliable supply of material. I still occasionally find curved plywood pieces, but mostly use wine barrel staves for my trivet-making.
Our first plywood trivets were simple fish designs
We then came up with our first "bone fish trivet"
When we started using wine barrel staves we finally came up with a good design. The used barrel staves provided the appearance we were looking for in both shape and color. We use a variety of different wood species for the heads and tails, and the skeleton is made from the barrels. Our "wine barrel bone fish" have a variety of head and tail combinations that now resemble different species of fish. 
A typical wine barrel bone fish trivet. This one has an incense cedar head and tail, and you can see the wine stains on the bones.
Since we were using wine barrels, we came up with another wine-themed trivet design. This is a wine bottle and glass set that is very popular and being sold through several wine retail locations.
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