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February 2016


Last fall, I met you in Tacoma to pick up the large, new cutting board you made me. I just wanted to give you an update....I love it! It is exactly what I was hoping it to be. It is the perfect addition to my kitchen and is so useful. Having the entire space next to the sink covered, it allows me to work easily. I keep it nicely oiled and it looks like the day I brought it home. I was away for about six weeks over the holidays and it was such a nice welcome home to see it there and get back to using it again.

Thank you again for your beautiful work.


Woodland, WA

November 2015

Friday I received this wonderful email from a repeat Customer that lives down in southwest WA. This is a picture of the second cutting board she's purchased from me. Debra purchased the first one a couple years ago and liked it so much that she asked that I make a similar but only much larger one to fit into a specific space on her kitchen counter. Here are her note and a picture of the Kitchen Pro Series Cutting Board I made for her. I'm honored!


Here are some photos of... your grand work. I retook the pictures this morning in the daylight. It shows off the splendor of the board even more. The more I am with it the more I truly love it. It is absolutely perfect in the kitchen.

I have recently upgraded some appliances and the addition of your custom board really “classes” up the kitchen. It is truly a work of art that I will be greeted with every time I go into the kitchen. The woods blend in nicely with the cabinetry and look like they all belong together.

Thank you very much for working with me with both boards. Please feel free to use any of the pictures.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work. It is simply beautiful!


October 2015

Last week I had a Customer contact me about purchasing one of my Chef Pro Series Cutting Boards. I met her husband Saturday morning and he picked up her selection. Today I received this very complimentary email.

'Dan, Just wanted to thank-you so very much for meeting with Bill on Saturday. I absolutely love the cutting board! It is too beautiful to use! You do fabulous work. Thank-you again.'

I just love it when Customers take the time to provide feedback and great comments about my work!

May 2015
Dear Katie and Dan,
I soooooo love my new 21 X 24 end grain cutting board from the Portland
Show. Compliments from friends, neighbors and family have come in in
truckloads! They all love the wood, the beauty of the workmanship and
the practicality of such a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing your
incredible talent.
March 2014
We are going to need another cutting board!


Hi Dan,

We purchased one of your beautiful cutting boards last summer at the Puyallup Farmer's Market and absolutely love it.  I use it everyday!

We have recently purchased a new fifth wheel and are going to be full-timers within the next year or year and a half.
We want a smaller cutting board for our new home on wheels.

We were wondering if you are going to be at the Puyallup Farmer's Market this year.  If so, are their specific dates you will be there?


BTW...our fourteen year old grandson has dinner with us every Tuesday night and he is always making comments about the cutting board.  He really appreciates the craftsmanship. :)

Belinda and Jamie



March 2013


Thought I'd share this beautiful display of our Friday snack!  Great Board!!

Boise, ID




January 2013


Katie and Dan Neyens, wanted you to know that the gorgeous cutting board I purchased from you about 1 1/2 yrs ago (Port Townsend) is doing well.  The best money I ever spent.  The board below has seen daily use from Shun knives to all manner of food preparation.  It's surely a work of art along with a very practical helper in the kitchen.  Thanks again for such a wonderful piece
of craftsmanship!!!      Cheers, Scott Matthews   Port Townsend, WA 
Katie & Dan, please do use my happy testimonial for anything you like.  I have used the "Butcher Block Conditioner" you sold me to keep the board looking new.  Scott Matthews
December 2012                                                                   
Sun 12/30/12 11:58 AM


Hi Dan.  The board I purchased from you in the parking lot in Tukwila was a huge success!  I am attaching a picture of my former exchange student with the board in her tiny kitchen, now a married woman starting her first job in Germany where she just received her Master's degree.  I'm confident she will look back in 50 years and remember with pleasure who gave her this board that she has now used every day for decades.  Best, Jeanne


> Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 11:51:40 -0800

> Hello Dan and Katie,
> I'm Brynn, who is next to you at Proctor Art Festival. I bought the
> large chef pro cutting board and I have been loving it (even after I
> allowed my husband to cut meat on it). The thought of buying another
> one for my son has been on my mind for months now, so here I am asking
> what you have in the chef pro series... I love the one in the fifth
> picture on you web site.
> I know that you have just finished a weekend in Port Townsend... I was
> planning on coming up there to visit you, but out of town guests took
> precedence. This isn't a Christmas present, just a very belated
> wedding gift, so I can wait if needed.
> I look forward to hearing what you have.
> Thanks so much,
> Brynn (Hotflash Glass)
October 2012                                                                   
Hey Dan,
Your designs are beautiful and the workmanship on everything you make
is top notch and made to last.  I constantly get great comments on
these whenever anyone comes to my home.  I have them all proudly
displayed!!!!  I use the cutting board every day and it never
disappoints me in how well it stands up to just about anything I do to
it.  And your wood preservative is the best I've ever used!  Keep up
the excellent work!
Linda (Peosta, IA)
July 2012

Hi Dan,

My husband and I purchased one of your beautiful cutting boards at the Puyallup Farmer's Market. We want to let you know how much we love it!  This cutting board is not only functional and durable, but it is also a beautiful piece of art for our kitchen. We are sure to enjoy its quality and beauty for many years to come.

Belinda and Jamie (Puyallup, WA)

                                            KND Woodworking "Bringing Wood to Life"