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ProTect Professional Grade Cutting Board Conditioner
All wood cutting board surfaces must be protected to prevent the absorption of liquids. The application of mineral oil is the most common recommendation by board makers to provide a minimum level of protection. The one problem with mineral oil is that over time, it will leach out of the wood through board use and cleaning. Frequent oiling is necessary to provide cutting board protection.
ProTect is our own custom blend of wood cutting board conditioner. ProTect provides a superior level of cutting board protection that not only provides a long lasting moisture barrier, but also conditions, restores, and preserves the wood surfaces. Our blend of pure, food-safe mineral oil, paraffin wax, and organic lemon oil provides a superior moisture barrier and also helps to minimize food odors from lingering on the wood surface. 
ProTect is available for order today for just $10 or you can purchase it from us whenever we are at a show or market.

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