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BREAKING NEWS! June 3, 2016

We're now very happy to announce that we've established an affiliate program with Public Television's master BBQ Chef Steven Raichlen and our Chef Pro Series Cutting Boards are featured in his Barbecue Bible Father's Day Gift Guide!

Be sure to check out our boards on his listing and all his other BBQ goodies! 

Last fall we conducted a little marketing test of our new Kitchen Pro Series Utility Cutting Boards. These new Utility Boards are made in 10", 14" and 18" diameters. I sized these to hold your standard pizza sizes. Not only are they great for use when cutting and serving pizzas, but they're also great as cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards and serving boards. The sizes and shape were well received from both our show and on line Customers. So now this year I will be introducing this new Utility Board design at this year's shows. I'll be posting photos a little later but can provide you today with pictures of current inventory. Just send me an email! 


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