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Chef Pro Series Boards  
The design of our Chef Pro "Sloped-to-Drain" Sculpted Cutting Board System is our most revolutionary and innovative cutting board design yet. Each board is hand-made and individually sculpted to provide drainage and easy food-to-plate transfer of cut foods. It's sculpted, sloping concave profile eliminates runoff over the sides and directs all the juices to your serving platter, plate, or into the sink. This unique slope-to-drain design totally eliminates the need for those messy juice grooves that collect debris, are difficult to clean, can harbor bacteria and are troublesome to maintain. Incorporating this gentle, smooth, sloping surface easily allows you to transfer your cut food to your serving dish. With a simple slide of the hand or push from your cutting blade, food can be moved onto your plate along with any draining juices. Cleaning and maintaining this type of board is simple, as you are still working with a smooth surface.
All of our Chef Pro Series Cutting Boards are at least 2 1/4" thick on the high end. This additional thickness allows us to develop the sloped surface design as well as providing enough thickness on the lower edge to make a pocket for your serving piece.
Pictured below are a few of the one-of-a-kind pieces we've made since introducing this innovative new design back in the summer of 2011. We typically don't make duplicate pieces of our creations. Therefore, if you see a pattern you would like or have a specific pattern in mind, please contact us for availability and pricing. Boards in this category are priced based upon overall size (width and length), pattern style, and species of woods used. Prices usually range from $275 - $500 for this series of boards.
                                 KND Woodworking "Bringing Wood to Life"