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Cutting Board Care and Maintenance
So you've bought a new wooden cutting board, you take it home, and now what?
Keep in mind, the board you just purchased was probably touched by many hands prior to your purchase. Wipe down all the board surfaces with a mild dish detergent just as you would hand wash your dishes. Do not put your board into the dishwasher.......ever! Once you've cleaned the surfaces allow your board to dry off completely by waiting about an hour.  Next, apply a liberal coat of mineral oil (it's available at nearly every grocery store, and it's cheap!).  Do not use any other type of oil on your board. Cooking oils & olive oil will spoil over time, change color, turn rancid, smell bad and harbor bacteria.......don't use'em!
Allow the mineral oil to be absorbed by the wood fibers. If you bought your board from us, it has been thoroughly treated with many coats of mineral oil. It will probably not absorb much more oil once you get it cleaned off and do your initial oiling. If the board you purchased drinks up all the oil......apply some more. Repeat until the surface remains wet with oil. Let the board sit while it soaks up any additional oil. Now wipe off any excess and you're ready to start cutting! But..........
It's now time to apply a coat of ProTect Board Conditioner, if you bought this product from us. This final step provides an additional level of moisture protection with our unique formula of mineral oil and paraffin wax.  It helps to form a seal on the wood surfaces to lock out moisture. All board oils and conditioners leach out over time based upon use and kitchen conditions, so you will need to re-oil/condition whenever needed.
Day to day maintenance is simple. Remember that moisture is your board's worst enemy. Prevent moisture absorption and your board will last generations. Just wipe your board clean after each use, re-apply mineral oil when it starts to dry out and re-apply a condioner after the oil has been replenished. Period! Please note, your board does have 6 faces! When cleaning and oiling make sure you also wipe down the edges and back side and treat them as you would the cutting surface.
Enjoy your new board. Use it! You've just purchased a beautiful piece of functional, kitchen art. It will last you lifetimes and it's sure to become a cherished family heirloom. 
Katie and Dan Neyens
                                KND Woodworking "Bringing Wood to Life"